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taipei old town dadaocheng

【Taipei】Xia-Hai City God Temple

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Virtual Tour

目前沒有場次/no available sessions now How to Worship the Love Deity at the Xia-Hai City God Temple?

Service Description

【Destination】Xia-Hai City God Temple in Taipei Old Town Dadaocheng 【Time】2024年4月27日(六)11:00(GMT+8) 【Duration】50分鐘 【Keywords】#taiwantemple #taipeitravel #taiwantravel #Dadaocheng 🌎 We will use Zoom to stream this online tour, It is recommended to download and install it first. 【Overview】 🌟 Xia-Hai City God Temple is an important traditional temple in Taipei City. ❣️ 80% of its visitors come seeking the "Red Thread"(紅線) – a term symbolizing a quest for love. But how exactly do Taiwanese people worship the Love Deity? If you… *Are curious about how Taiwanese worship the Love Deity in the temple, *Are eager to explore Taiwan but don't have time to research, and prefer an online tour via your mobile device, *Have visited Taiwan before but still want to learn more about Taiwanese religious culture, then you're who MyProGuide online tour is looking for! This event will provide you... ☕ Comfort and Convenience: Sit back with a cup of coffee, and immerse yourself in old town Dadaocheng of Taipei. ⌚Real-time Interaction: Curious about the landmarks? Feel free to ask any questions, and our guide will provide answers in real-time! Within the 50-minute tour, you might become a Dadaocheng expert! 🏆 Professional Guiding: MyProGuide collaborates with local professional guides to give you an in-depth understanding of Taiwanese history and culture. *Please note that the video quality may vary depending on your internet connection and device stability. If the images delay or are instable, it is normal. 【Itinerary】 1. Explore Taipei Dadaocheng online with the guide. 2. Learn about the history of Dadaocheng and Xia-Hai City God Temple. 3. Learn about Love (Matchmaking) Deity and how to worship him. 4. Recommendations for other things to do around Dadaocheng. 【Special reminder】 ❗The link will be sent to you via email 2 hours before the tour. (If you haven't received it, please check your Spam folder in case the email landed there !) ❗As this is a real-time online tour, please make sure your internet is stable. ❗This tour will be conducted in English. ❗Don't hesitate to ask questions and interact with your guide during the tour. ❗If you have any questions, please contact ➜ 【Tour Guide & Host】 🌏 Jady Huang (Licensed Tour Guide 🇹🇼) *Professional Guide from MyProGuide 🎤 Hui-Fang(Host 🇹🇼) *MyProGuide Online Tour Specialist *a museum and heritage travel lover


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