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Turkey Istanbul | Hagia Sophia


Virtual Tour


Through our online tour, you will have the opportunity to: Unearth historical treasures: Walk through the doors of the Hagia Sophia, explore its ancient walls, and uncover its millennium-old history and religious background. Admire magnificent architecture: Get up close to witness the architectural splendor of the Hagia Sophia, including its breathtaking dome, intricate arches, and delicate embellishments. Decode artistic treasures: Our guide will lead you in appreciating the interior murals, mosaics, and artworks, helping you understand their religious and cultural significance. Understand historical transitions: Listen to our guide narrate the history of the Hagia Sophia's transformation from a Christian church to a mosque, and its current status as a museum. This online tour will transport you through time and space, allowing you to experience the mystery and grandeur of the Hagia Sophia from the comfort of your home. Are you ready? Let's embark on a journey into the mysteries of Turkish history and explore this symbolically significant architectural marvel. Looking forward to meeting you online!

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