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You can find anything here in Chatuchak weekend market which is famous not only for local but also get many attentions for foreigner or tourist. You can visit this market with guide's video and choose what you want, we will bargain for you until reach to your price and we will send it to your home! 1. Shopping with us. 2. Choose what you want. 3. Enjoy bargain with vendors. 4. Deliver to your home The places you will visit: - Chatuchak Weekend Market - Vendors shop - Souvenir shop [What To Expect 🔔] *Local tour guides will explain about Local lifestyle, Food , souvenirs and local stuffs with online via video call. * Explore to Local Weekend market with multiple shops and products. *Get answers to your questions. [Special Reminder🔔] * As this is a real-time online tour, please make sure your internet stable. * The tour will be in English. (please contact us if you need other language) * You will receive a confirmation email after you successfully registered. *. While the tour is ongoing, you are free to ask any questions. * The link will be sent to you via email before the tour. * Minimum Participate: 4 pax. * Please noted that the tour may not proceed if the participate number doesn't meet the minimum.


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