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Find my Mr/Ms right! Here is the solution, let us make a wish for you! Chinese Cupid, "god of marriage" is the god who in charge of "love match", one of very famous god for everyone who is asking for lover, to find their right person. Many of tourist come to Taiwan to visit this god and praying for have a lovely boyfriend/girlfriend. Fortune telling, following by 5,000 years history of Chinese culture, one of way to know your future and the past. For finding your lover, they will give you some hints to tell you when & where & how to meet your right person! Take this service, let us help you to make a wish to the god of marriage when you are not able to visit Taiwan. Basic package: Make a wish to god of marriage(video record or live video call). ★Give us your name, address, birthday. ★Tell us what is your idea lover(appearance, vocation, personality). *photo: if specific person* ★Toss for "red line" if god says the person you find is suitable. ★Choose the extra package you prefer. ★Live call or record the video. ★Let us know if you also want to visit fortune teller(extra charge). [What To Expect 🔔] *Meet lover in your life! [Special Reminder🔔] * As this is a real-time online tour, please make sure your internet stable. * The tour will be in English. (please contact us if you need other language) * You will receive a confirmation email after you successfully registered. *. While the tour is ongoing, you are free to ask any questions. * The link will be sent to you via email before the tour. * Minimum Participate: 4 pax. * Please noted that the tour may not proceed if the participate number doesn't meet the minimum.


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