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Peru|Arequipa - the unique white City

Virtual explore to volcanos and the beautiful buildings in Arequipa!

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Arequipa is known as the white city because most of the buildings like houses, churches, Monasteries and cathedrals were built with white volcanic stone which makes this a very unique city in the world. There were many Spanish people living here during XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries that's why their houses where they were living got different styles like roman, rococo, byzantine or baroque . For example, One of the Cathedrals has neoclassical architecture with french influence inside of the building it is one of the largest and most stunning buildings in the main square of Arequipa city. The church of the Jesuits has mestizo baroque style it has been built in 1590 for more than four hundred people between the mestizos and pre -Incan civilizations. Tristan del Pozo's house this is an example how the rich people used to have their big houses with very roman styles because of Spanish influence. Arequipa has been declared a World Heritage Side by Unesco in 2000 and is definitely a city you want to put on your bucket list! [What To Expect 🔔] *See the city’s top historical attractions through camera. *Real-time virtual tours with a local guide: history, lifestyle, culture and more. *View the amazing scenes online via screen. *Get answers to your questions about Arequipa. *See Arequipa without the crowds. [Special Reminder🔔] * As this is a real-time online tour, please make sure your internet stable. * The tour will be in English. (please contact us if you need other language) * You will receive a confirmation email after you successfully registered. *. While the tour is ongoing, you are free to ask any questions. * The link will be sent to you via email before the tour. * Minimum Participate: 4 pax. * Please noted that the tour may not proceed if the participate number doesn't meet the minimum.


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