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What's the best way to experience Old Town in Jakarta ! Let's follow the local tour guide and visit to Jakarta which is special capital regional of Indonesia. This journey will take you to the famous places of city in Jakarta online. "Sunda Kalapa" (Sundanese: "Coconut of Sunda") is the original name, and it was the main port of Hindu Sunda Kingdom of Pajajaran. Today the old port only accommodate pinisi, a traditional two masted wooden sailing ship serving inter-island freight service in the archipelago. Although it is now only a minor port, Jakarta has its origins in Sunda Kelapa and it played a significant role in the city's development. The port is situated in Penjaringan sub-district, of North Jakarta, Indonesia. You can have unique live experience from the comfort of your location. Let's enjoy your online tour with our tour guide !!! The places you will visit: - Syahbadar Tower - Bahari's Museum - Sunda Kelapa Port [What To Expect 🔔] *Local tour guides will explain about Indonesia local life style and see the activity of Pinisi ship with online via video call. *Explore to Sunda Kelapa Harbour in Jakarta City by online. *Get answers to your questions about Jakarta City. [Special Reminder🔔] * As this is a real-time online tour, please make sure your internet stable. * The tour will be in English. (please contact us if you need other language) * You will receive a confirmation email after you successfully registered. *. While the tour is ongoing, you are free to ask any questions. * The link will be sent to you via email before the tour. * Minimum Participate: 4 pax. * Please noted that the tour may not proceed if the participate number doesn't meet the minimum.


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