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Online explore to Tomb Raider Jungle temple in Siem Reap!

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Ta Prohm, knowed as Jungle Temple is a temple of towers, closed courtyards and narrow corridors. Many of the corridors are impassable, clogged with jumbled piles of delicately carved stone blocks dislodged by the roots of long-decayed trees. Trees, hundreds of years old, tower overhead, their leaves filtering the sunlight and casting a greenish pall over the whole scene. Ta Prohm Temple is one of the most famous spots in the so-called Tomb Raider tree, where Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft picked a jasmine flower before falling through the earth into…Pinewood Studios. Highlight of this tour: 1. live visiting temple swallowed by Jungle. 2. Visit ancestor Brahma temple via online 3. most famous spot from Tomb Raider Movie [What To Expect 🔔] *Real-time virtual tours with a local guide:Jungle tree temple include Ancestor Brahma Temple . *View the amazing scenes online via screen. *Visit the most famous point of temple from Tom Raider Movie by online. *Get online to see the temple was swallowed by Jungle. [Special Reminder🔔] * As this is a real-time online tour, please make sure your internet stable. * The tour will be in English. (please contact us if you need other language) * You will receive a confirmation email after you successfully registered. *. While the tour is ongoing, you are free to ask any questions. * The link will be sent to you via email before the tour. * Minimum Participate: 4 pax. * Please noted that the tour may not proceed if the participate number doesn't meet the minimum.


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