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  • Ever wished to smack that supplier who only responds to messages once a week? Or that annoying relative who keeps borrowing money from you?
  • Smack! Smack them all away!
  • Demanding in-laws, lingering ex-partners, you name it! It's time to settle the score. Let a 'professional' help you 'hit' the villains for a smooth year ahead.
  • Our professional guide will conduct the ceremony for you in Chinese. 
  • Through a recorded video, you can participate in a well-known traditional Hong Kong custom, the intangible cultural heritage of 'Villain Hitting' at Causeway Bay's Goose Neck Bridge, using this form of witchcraft ritual to expel and retaliate against the so-called 'villains'.


  • 想揍一個禮拜才回一次訊息的廠商?或是一直愛借錢找你麻煩的壞親戚?
  • 打!通通打掉!!
  • 百單刁難的公婆、陰魂不散的前伴侶、綠茶紅茶奶茶什麼茶都可以打!是時候了,趁年末,找個「專業的」幫你打掉小人,2024才能順遂一整年!
  • 由專業導遊以中文為您進行儀式
  • 透過錄影的方式為您在香港銅鑼灣消災祈福

Online Ceremony | Causeway Bay's Goose Neck Bridge | Bowrington Villain Hitting

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  • Our professional guide will conduct the 'Villain Hitting' ceremony for you through a recorded video. From the comfort of your space, you can feel the unique charm of Causeway Bay's Goose Neck Bridge and the power of the mysterious 'Villain Hitting' ceremony.

    What is 'Villain Hitting'?
    'Villain Hitting' is a unique Hong Kong custom used to drive away bad luck. The master will light incense on a paper tiger and use slippers to scatter the 'villains', hoping to change the luck.

    How to perform 'Villain Hitting'?
    Our professional guide will perform the 'Villain Hitting' ceremony for you at Causeway Bay's Goose Neck Bridge. You can ward off misfortunes and change your luck online without leaving your country. The entire process is conducted according to your needs.

    • The whole ceremony takes about 5-10 minutes. If you choose the recording method, the video will be provided to you within 14 days.
    • If you have a specific 'villain' target, please fill in the target's name and birthday in the designated field when ordering.
    • If you don't have a specific 'villain', we will conduct the ceremony focusing on exorcism and blessings.
    • Please note: this activity is a 'proxy' for you to go to the location and cannot guarantee the disappearance of the 'villains'.
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