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  • Ever wished to smack that supplier who only responds to messages once a week? Or that annoying relative who keeps borrowing money from you?
  • Smack! Smack them all away!
  • Demanding in-laws, lingering ex-partners, you name it! It's time to settle the score. Let a 'professional' help you 'hit' the villains for a smooth year ahead.
  • Our professional guide will conduct the ceremony for you in Chinese. 
  • Through a video call or a recorded video, you can participate in a well-known traditional Hong Kong custom, the intangible cultural heritage of 'Villain Hitting' at Causeway Bay's Goose Neck Bridge, using this form of witchcraft ritual to expel and retaliate against the so-called 'villains'.

Online Ceremony | Causeway Bay's Goose Neck Bridge | Bowrington Villain Hitting

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