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Do you wish to make or fulfill a promise to the renowned Erawan Shrine in Bangkok but can't physically be there? We provide an online blessing service, allowing you to feel the holy atmosphere of the Erawan Shrine without having to travel there.


Want to increase the likelihood of your wish coming true by participating in an authentic Thai Erawan Shrine prayer ceremony? Our professional guides will make or fulfill a vow for you in front of the Erawan Shrine following traditional Thai rituals, giving your wishes a higher chance of coming true.


  • Online blessings, intimate experience: We invite you to an online visit to the world-famous Erawan Shrine in Bangkok. We will express gratitude, make wishes, or fulfill vows on your behalf, allowing you to experience Thai faith culture even from abroad.
  • Anytime, anywhere, connect with faith: Through video or recorded sessions, you can watch our professional guides make or fulfill a vow for you in front of the Erawan Shrine, so your faith is no longer limited by geographical constraints.
  • Don't hesitate, act now: Don't let distance or the pandemic stop your faith. Our Erawan Shrine online blessing service will help you realize your heart's desires. Your wishes deserve to be heard and fulfilled. Join us on this faith journey and let your wishes be granted!

Online Blessings | Erawan Shrine Wishing/Fulfillment: Work/Love/Wealth

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NT$1,200 Regular Price
NT$1,080Sale Price
  • Are you bothered by a wish you've made to the Erawan Shrine, but are unable to physically go to Thailand to express your gratitude? Does it feel like something is hanging in the air, not solid? Does it seem like your sincere prayers might have been compromised? We understand your feelings. Let us go to the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok for you, to make a wish or say thanks on your behalf, so you can express your sincerity and fulfill your fervent wish even if you are not in Thailand. If your time allows, you can choose a live video call with the guide, express what you want to say to the Erawan Shrine, or leave the content of your wish or fulfillment. The guide will send the process to you through video or live broadcast.

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